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What Our Clients Say



                Press London –  “SH-AB, took our business from a messy, busy, growing startup and created order from chaos. I never realised how important having the books and the numbers in order would define our businesses success, but Syed and his team have added so much value and have allowed me as CEO to focus on growing the company. Thank you SH-AB… :)”


          Traffic Rich – “I’ve been working with Syed and the team for the past couple of years now, like all small business owners I thought I could do everything, expenses, vat returns, end of year accounts etc etc, all I’ve got to do is pop a few bits into a spreadsheet, no point paying someone else to do. Wrong and how wrong I was and how much more time I have to concentrate on other matters now I know not only someone else is looking after these bits, but doing it correctly which I probably wasn’t! We have a good working procedure in place and they are clearly experts at this.”


Loquet London Ltd –   “We have worked with SH-AB from the very start.  They have been instrumental in helping grow our business, we have become dependent  on their expertise, providing support and accounting know-how whenever needed.  As a business our growth has (thankfully) been fast and SH-AB have adapted to our ever changing needs, always at the end of the phone or email whenever needed.  Put simply we could not recommend them highly enough.”