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SH Accounting & Bookkeeping Ltd was established by Syed Hussain in January 2015 to provide a wide range of accounting services for businesses of all sizes.

The company has been built on his 20 years of accounting experience in practice and industry. In addition to being a qualified Maths teacher, he has brought a unique perspective to the profession, which is built around a logical and educative approach.

One of the biggest problems continually faced by new businesses is how to effectively manage essential administrative functions whilst maintaining sufficient resource to develop and grow.

Here at SH Accounting & Bookkeeping our primary concern for all our clients is to relieve them of the administrative burden of running their businesses, empowering them to focus on driving growth and exploiting new opportunities as they arise.

We fully appreciate that every business is unique.  To that end our dedicated team of professional and experienced accounting and bookkeeping experts will work closely with you to develop a reliable, affordable solution that is tailored to your needs.

As a West End based company, SH assures exceptional high level of service.  We deliver high quality reports which will help you monitor your progress and make decisive business decisions.

We want to help you simplify your accounting and bookkeeping function, therefore we offer you an outsourcing package that will substantially reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and let you focus on growing your business.

Alternatively, if you require a more permanent presence at your offices we will be happy to work with you to arrange regular visits by one of our team of bookkeepers at a time most convenient for you.

If you require, we can also provide a seamless link between you and your Chartered or Certified Accountants for year-end accounting purposes.

We pride ourselves in being an environmentally friendly firm. We aim to reduce the use of paper and therefore allowing you easy storage, automatic audit trail report, simplicity and most importantly security.

We offer our services to a wide and varied clientele. These include the following:

  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • High street clothing chains
  • Jewellers
  • IT & Marketing
  • Estate agents & Property Management
  • Music bands and Artists
  • TV and Radio presenters
  • Manufacturing
  • Events Management
  • And more…



We have a proven track record of providing dependable, reliable and timely service for our many clients and we look forward to welcoming and working with you to help you empower your business.